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Electric Gardens Tour

. Kaija Saariaho´s Six Japanese Gardens

. Yannis Kyriakides

. Juan Felipe Waller

. Earzumba

. Henry Vega
The Electric Gardens program is a unique production based on the Electronic Hammer Trios instrumentation of percussion and computers which strives to strengthen the role of the electronic sound and percussion in modern music and society. In this program the group intends to bring new works from 2009/10 together with Kaija Saariahos classic composition from 1993, Six Japanese Gardens. These works will mix into a visually and sonically exciting performance as we join visual artists with commissioned composers under the Electronic Hammer experience.
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Cort Lippe - Music for Hi Hat and Computer

"How to philosophize with a Hammer" is the first release by the Electronic Hammer trio since its beginning in 2003.

Like the subtitle from Nietzsche s "Twilight of the Idols" suggests, the hammer will be used to ask the hard musical questions without reservations or sensitivities, its only aim is to break the ground of the new medium with vision and precision in order to pick up the pieces and find a way forward.

The CD is now available at EMF and can be purchased online at CDeMusic.